A long queue line of customers is a good problem to have at your restaurant. It signals your business is performing well and growing during peak hours. The problem arises when the service time doesn’t match the volume of orders, which keeps the line moving slowly and leaves customers impatiently waiting. This results in customers walking away and abandoning their orders. A recent study from Clicksoftware reported companies lose $900 per employee every year due to lost productivity because of customer service wait times.

Chatbots can reduce the customers time in queue for QSR restaurants by up to 30%.

The first way bots on facebook messenger can reduce time in queue is by automating repetitive tasks for employees. With a chatbot in place restaurant staff no longer need to waste time taking each individual customers order. This frees them up to focus on processing more orders in less time, increasing sales by up to 20% without the need for more manpower.

The second benefit of a chatbot for QSR restaurants is it removes the time taken by staff to settle each customers bill. Customers no longer need to quickly order at the venue, instead, they can take their time and place their orders and pay for them remotely at their office or home. This saves time by not having customers wait in the queue at the restaurant.

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